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From Replacing a single rad valve, rad or towel rail or replacing all of your old radiators or a complete new heating circuit we can measure up and calculate for the correct heat outputs you require to get each and every room nice and toasty on those cold winter nights.
Sludged up systems? We can often resolve by cleaning existing systems with or without power flushing machine and adding a system filter.
Convert old open vented to a sealed system with filling loop.
Add new heating circuit to extensions and loft conversions.
Upgrade old Gravity systems to fully pumped and controlled either S or Y Plan.


If your rads are cold at the bottom and hot at the top you may have a problem with sludged up rads, this sludge will not only reduce the effectiveness of the rad but the sludge in the system will be blocking the heat exchanger in the boiler.


There are various causes and things that can be done firstly the system should be cleaned and flushed then a filter installed along with inhibitor being added, in extreme cases rads and pipe work may need to be replaced. We can sort this out for you.

Carry out heat calculations, system design , pipe routes and layout.
1st and 2nd fix new wet heating system copper and plastic pipework.
Installation and replacement of single or multiple rads, panel & column towel rails.
Install and replace single rad vales or multiple valves.
Thermostatic rad valves.
Replace under or oversized rads, radiator repositions both wood and solid floor
Temporary rad removal and refit for plastering and or decorating.
Plinth/under counter kitchen fan heaters water or electric.
Pipe lagging, pipe clipping, pipe chasing walls, pipe drops.
Inspecting, Cleaning existing heating systems and rads chemical clean or power flush.
Install inhibitor.
Re fill drained down system and re commission systems.
Holiday or long time empty system drain downs.
Install new or replace heating controls.
Timers programmers room stats smart stats, pumps motorised valves.
S Plan & Y plan.
Bypass valves.
Balancing Valves.
Vent pipes.
Filling loops, header/F & E tanks.
Underfloor heating installs, manifold systems underfloor heating pumps and controls.
Converting from open vented to sealed system.
Upgrade gravity to fully pumped systems.
New heating for extension, lofts, kitchens bathrooms and cloak rooms.


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From Replacing a single rad valve, rad or towel rail or replacing all of your old radiators or a complete…

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